Desktop & Mobile Experience

UX Designer Consultor Media Strategist

The Project Overview

Motojombo is a corporate messaging application focused on the execution and transfer of any type of administrative task for entrepreneurs, startups and medium-sized companies.

The story

After having finalized the design of an application for one of my clients, I was recommended to lead the design and development of the second version of this corporate messaging application. This is how I joined the Motojombo team for a period of five months to design the new Motojombo application and aesthetics.

The Challenges

We had three challenges for the development of this application. Time, budget and time-zone. The developer team was in Ukraine.

The budget was the first challenge, which limited the development time of the application. We had to optimize resources to be able to design the mobile and desktop experience in a period of four months.

Another challenge was the remote work with the team of developers in Ukraine, that ended absolutely great. We had a very rewarding and growing experience. (Handoff was made with Zeplin)

More about the software:

Additional Credits:
Milagros Toriello (CEO & Co-founder)